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Exploring Exile

I have been a "quiet" blogger on Secret Women's Business, but have had my blogging focus directed to "Exiles":

The institutional church in the Western World has been in a long period of decline... judged by church attendance at least.

The reasons for this decline are many and complex. I have a particular interest in the rise of "non-institutional" expressions of church life... house churches, workplace churches, and the like.

I also have a pastoral heart for those who have left churches for reasons that have been painful for them... conflict, clashes, spiritual abuse, inappropriate pastoral care, a failure to address serious and legitimate questions and needs.

In response, I've been experimenting with the idea of a website that explores the multitude of reasons people drift from "institutional" churches. If you know of anyone who might find this conversation interesting, maybe you could let them know!

It's not all dire news for the wor…