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The World According to Complementarians

I’m trying to get my head around what Complementarians believe, and I think it goes something like this:

Complementarians think there is a “headship” hierarchy in the universe. God the Father has always been “head” of the God the Son. When Paul wrote about Jesus being very nature God, and emptying himself in the incarnation, that was a pretty suspect idea… definitely not Paul’s finest hour. The Trinity is a chain of command, not some quaint idea of perichoresis of three Persons equally God.
The man is “head” of the woman: this is why women can’t do church leadership, or speak in church. It seems that you can teach “down” in the hierarchy of the universe, but you can’t teach “up”. Therefore men can teach men about the bible, women can teach women (equal in the "headship" hierarchy), while men and women can both teach children (who are a bit lower in the hierarchy). However, I have heard that something magical happens to boys when they turn 16 (or 18), and God suddenly gets upse…

Role Rage

I noticed the following quote on Facebook the other day:
"Every cell in our body is stamped as XX or XY. This means I cannot understand myself if I try to ignore the way God has designed me or if I despise the gifts he may have given to help me fulfil my calling. If the post-modern view that gender is wholly a 'social construct' were true, then we could follow whatever path seemed good to us. If our gender is at the heart of our nature, however, we risk losing a key part of ourselves if we abandon our distinctive male and female roles." -Tim and Kathy Keller (The Meaning of Marriage)
Now, obviously much of this is true. Gender IS biologically determined, every cell DOES carry XX or XY (although it is believed the “y” chromosome’s main job is to produce extra testosterone, producing the physical features we associate with maleness). Anyone who thinks gender is ENTIRELY a social construct probably hasn’t raised children (or indeed, dealt with the small number of trans-ge…