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Kevin Giles on women in ministry

Dr Kevin Giles is a biblical scholar who has written many books on theology and women in ministry. This paper is like the "Readers Digest super-condensed version" of his extensive work on the subject.

The fundamental question is: does the Bible make the God-given ideal the subordination of women, or their social equality with men? Or to put it another way, are men reading the Bible rightly when they argue that God has excluded women from leadership in the church and the home?

That the Bible can be quoted by both sides that reply to these questions only tells us that the Bible is not a set of rules or timeless principles, but an historical revelation. On all the major doctrines, Christology, Trinity soteriology etc. there have been big debates over what the Bible teaches, and texts have been quoted by both sides to “prove” their stance. What we want to discover is how we should read the Bible, so that what is primary and foundational in scripture on the man-woman relationship…

Women in Leadership - research from business

Well, apparently women are out-performing men in the business world, although they are under-represented in senior positions. Research conducted by Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman suggested that in 360 degree reviews, women (on average) were perceived as more competent on many criteria such as initiative, integrity, developing others, inspiring others, driving for results etc. than men (on average). Obviously in a survey of 7280 leaders there were some exceptional leaders and some below average leaders, but the difference was statistically significant.
You can see some of the discussion here and here, or do some Googling yourself!
So... why are women, on average, perceived as better leaders than men? I'd be interested in your thoughts!

NT Wright on I Timothy 2

I have just shamelessly copied and pasted NT Wright's reflections on I Timothy 2 for those who are just interested in this passage, and do not wish to read his longer reflection here. After all, what is the internet but us all copying furiously off one another?

For your consideration.... Janet

I leave completely aside for today the question of who wrote 1 Timothy. It is more different from the rest of Paul than any of the other letters, including the other Pastorals and 2 Thessalonians. But I do not discount it for that reason; many of us write in many different styles according to occasion and audience, and though that doesn’t remove all the problems it ought to contextualize them. What matters, and matters vitally in a great many debates, is of course what the passage says. I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I suggest that it is this passage far and away above all others which has been the sheet-anchor for those who want to deny women a place in the ordained ministry of the chu…

Increasing the numbers of women in ministry - a reflection for Churches of Christ leaders.

This paper has been written for State CEO's of Churches of Christ for an upcoming meeting. Some of the material in it may be of broader interest so I thought I'd put this up on Secret Women's Business!

Ministry leadership in Churches of Christ: Gender issues in a time of challenge and opportunity.

One of the responsibilities of those called to leadership at the State and National church level is taking the “balcony view”. From the “balcony” we may sense the “big picture” of what God is up to in our midst. From the “balcony”, we can anticipate possible dangers and possible opportunities. From the “balcony” we can exercise leadership in order to can maximize future opportunities and minimize future dangers. It would be interesting to privately and corporately reflect on and discuss the following “balcony” questions:

•What opportunities do we see for our movement? What are our greatest opportunities?

•What potential risks do we see for our movement? What are the greatest …