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Reality and Theology

I have hardwired in me somewhere the idea that all truth is God's truth, and if we encounter serious problems in the "rest of life" with a theological idea, perhaps it's time to reexamine our bibles afresh.

For example... let's think about those who've made it a tenet of faith that the early chapters of Genesis must be read literally, and that the earth must be around 6000 years old. Upon engaging with considerable evidence from cosmology, geology, biology, radio dating etc. that the earth is much older than this, should one not consider whether to interpret such texts in a more dynamic way?

In the same way, if the idea of a gender hierarchy is God's truth, should it not have good fruit wherever it's put into practice, all other things being equal?

How the Complementarian ideal of a gender hierarchy actually DOES play out in life says a lot about it.

Relationship research reveals that "traditional" marriages are FAR less likely to be happ…

Go Jonathan Welton!

I have reflected on a likely explanation for the curious instruction in I Corinthians 14 earlier on this blog, but have never seen it unpacked better than in this Youtube teaching by Johanthan Welton. This is 14 minutes well spent if you have the time.