Reality and Theology

I have hardwired in me somewhere the idea that all truth is God's truth, and if we encounter serious problems in the "rest of life" with a theological idea, perhaps it's time to reexamine our bibles afresh.

For example... let's think about those who've made it a tenet of faith that the early chapters of Genesis must be read literally, and that the earth must be around 6000 years old. Upon engaging with considerable evidence from cosmology, geology, biology, radio dating etc. that the earth is much older than this, should one not consider whether to interpret such texts in a more dynamic way?

In the same way, if the idea of a gender hierarchy is God's truth, should it not have good fruit wherever it's put into practice, all other things being equal?

How the Complementarian ideal of a gender hierarchy actually DOES play out in life says a lot about it.

Relationship research reveals that "traditional" marriages are FAR less likely to be happy than egalitarian marriages. "Traditional" marriages are three times more likely to be violent than egalitarian marriages. Check out the background information here.

Complementarian theology leads to writers or preachers claiming various absurdities; a woman cannot teach a man, even though we know that women have the same IQ as men on average (and some have a considerably higher IQ than the average!) A woman cannot undertake any career that involves command over men (yet we know that women can be very effective managers, CEO's, etc., frequently outperforming men signficantly ). A female can write a book on theology but not speak about it. A female missionary can preach in the field, and "report" on her work back at her home church, but not "preach" there.

One of the clear themes of the Christian Scriptures is God's heart to bless humankind. It is the very first thing God does after the creation of human beings. It is implicit in the call of Abram. It is revealed most potently in Jesus Christ, who came that "they might have life, and have it to the full". A pretty good test of whether something aligns with the heart of God is whether it brings shalom to society, and thriving to human beings.

Complementarian theology leads to a mass of restrictions, problems and contradictions... which to me is a pretty good indication it's fundamentally missing the mark.

What do you think of the relationship between good theology and the rest of life?


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