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Not a thing to wear

Yesterday I had the opportunity to preach, which I always enjoy. In the week before I did my usual over-preparation of material, then I pruned furiously back to an acceptable length sermon. (actually, it was on the vine and the branches and pruning… boom boom.)
In the morning I had a final challenge to surmount… what to wear. This is simple for men: shirt and trousers. Formal church, add a tie, high church, add a robe. Done.
I had learned from experience NOT to wear a dress (nowhere to clip the battery pack for the microphone) or a v-neck top (the lapel mike ends up too far on one side of your face, so if you turn your head the other way your voice “drops out”). So I grabbed some tops and trousers and underwear… quietly mind you, as I was up early and my husband was asleep.
I had a shower then put the basics in place… undies with good elastic and a nice firm bra (Let’s face it… wobbling as you walk isn’t a good look. Unless you’re an exotic dancer,  just don’t go there. Ever).