Sally is coming to town!

I'm very excited to be involved in organising a dessert and coffee night for women in leadership with Sally Morgenathaler from the United States.

For anyone within cooee of Melbourne... this will be on the 9th of April at 7.30 pm at New Hope Baptist Church... corner Springfield and Middleborough Roads Blackburn North.

Sometimes when I read articles from innovative thinkers I have the strange experience of knowing that... although I have read these words and seen these ideas expressed for the very first time... they are expressing something I already know. That someone has managed to write what I know to be true somewhere deep in my gut, in my intuition, if you like. That someone has finally given words... the capacity to name and explore... that which I already feel.

I have been reading a few of Sally Morgenthaler's articles lately, and have had this kind of experience. (Admittedly I am practically "off the scale" in intuition, according to my latest Myer-Briggs test)

Anyway, I invite you to explore some of her writings and thoughts, and to comment here on your own thoughts, responses and reactions.

If you click on the link below, you'll find links to LOTS of different articles by Sally at the bottom of this linked page.

I warmly invite you to the event on the 9th... it will be great! Love me.


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