Car types / Woman types

With my tongue planted in my cheek, I have begun the process of identifying various “types” of women based on their vehicles. My current list is as follows:

Ultra-feminine woman. The car smells of perfume and potpourri. There may be fringed or ruffled pillows on the back, Helen Steiner-Rice poems displayed on the dashboard, frangipani stickers on the rear windows, and a small homemade quilt as a throw or cover.

Car is full of stuffed toys.

Neat freak. The car is immaculate inside and out. The only bumper sticker is the one of their car dealer (unless they have had time to scrub it off).

Overwhelmed Mother. Car is a total mess. The floor at the back seat has McDonald's wrappers, mouldy apple cores, the packaging of toys that have been hastily ripped apart, discarded socks, crushed school notices, etc. Biological experiments are growing in the deeper layers, hidden under more recent child offerings.

Hyper-religious. Likely to have not only a fish sticker but a challenging message on the rear window. The interior has a warning sticker on the dashboard that the driver may disappear at any moment. The driver may launch into a discussion of the "Left Behind" series to clarify the seriousness of the warning to any hapless passengers.

Tough chick. Drives an old model V6 or V8. Has a bumper sticker from Metallica, or one they acquired when they took their children to a Crusty Demons or Monster Truck Rally. Ciggy frequently dangles out the window.

New Age spiritual woman. Crystal dangling from the rear vision mirror. Likely to have a "Magic Happens" sticker, and various incomprehensible mystic sayings on the bumper and rear windows.

Greenie/activist. Various bumper stickers advertising multiple causes... no dams, no nuclear power, save the whales, free Tibet etc. Rarely seen on the road, as the truly committed are now on their bicycles or on public transport.

Have you noticed other “types” of women’s cars? What “type” is your car? What does this say about you?


David said…
I have just received several copies of the book, "Why I Became an Atheist: A Former Preacher Rejects Christianity" by John Loftus.

Since you mentioned the possibility of a "book exchange", I'd be happy to catch up with you, or transact via a third party, or use a "drop off" point (local church maybe) so that we don't have to meet, to exchange books.

Please let me know your preferred option.

That's enough for now, I'm already feeling uncomfortable commenting on a blog entitled "Secret Women's Business".

contact david^5^ 1^ 7 @ op tus net^ . c^ om . au removing all spaces and "^" characters.

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