The Name Blame Game

Sometimes parents take insufficient thought and care when naming their new bundle of joy...

I think this post is best read out loud...

Stan Still, 76, said his name 'has been a blooming millstone around my neck my entire life', Mr Still, a former RAF man from Cirencester, Gloucestershire, told the Daily Mail newspaper in the UK: "When I was in the RAF my commanding officer used to shout, "Stan Still, get a move on" and roll about laughing. It got hugely boring after a while."

Doug Hole didn't want to talk about his, and Will Power was just grateful he had always been known as Bill.

Imagine trying to lead a normal life being named Justin Case, Barb Dwyer, Mary Christmas, Paige Turner, Jo King, Lee King, Anna Sasin and Barry Cade.

Thank your lucky stars you're not called Rose Bush, Pearl Button or Hazel Nutt, who also make the list of The Most Unfortunate Names in Britain.

A search taking in the US turned up Bill Board, Annette Curtain, Carrie Oakey and Anna Prentice.

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