Facebook Fever

I've recently caught the Facebook bug... which has rather slowed my pace of blogging. Why would one go to the effort of writing a whole article when one can write a few witty words? (Perhaps in this I flatter myself about the generally trivial rubbish I post online!!!)

I only joined Facebook because my sister informed me that "Not being on Facebook is like not having a mobile phone". In other words, if I was to have any relevance in the current millenium, Facebook was absolutely essential. So she registered me. A "late adopter" I may be... but better late than never.

I have found it kind of fun, and an interesting way to connect with a variety of people. I've also been amazed how much free time some people have... just how many quizzes/games/challenges/virtual world construction can one pack into a day?

I did have some pause for thought in the Facebook phenomenon last night listening to Dr Michael Carr-Greg speak on early adolescence. There is something a little disturbing about the capacity for adolescents to connect with (potentially) millions of others online... especially when some may falsify their identities and engage on Facebook with malicious intent. Cyber bullying is a new and cruel form of humiliation and abuse. The idiotic things a young person may place online might be googled by a future prospective employer in years to come. The internet is here to stay... but it behoves us to use it wisely and teach our young people to do likewise.

My eldest son turns 13 later this year... the legal age for Facebooking. Does anyone have tips out there on Facebooking for the young... or any thoughts on the cyber world in general?


titanium said…
#1 rule: only "friend" people who you know in real life.
Janet Woodlock said…
Good rule titanium!!! I use that rule myself!!! I wonder if my kids will follow suit?

At this point if I give a rule they follow it... but I'd be very fortunate if that works all adolescence through if the parents I've spoken with can be believed!!!!

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