A Line in the Sand

The nature of God is probably the most important theological question of all. The New Testament comes up with a truly stunning answer to this most profound spiritual question: God is like Jesus. Jesus Christ claimed "Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father" (God) (John 14:9).

Jesus best friend on earth ("the disciple Jesus loved") walked and talked and ate and drank and spoke with and listened to Jesus constantly for three years. When reflecting on what God expressed in Jesus Christ looks like, he wrote a simple and profound phrase: "God IS love". (I John 4:16)

God IS love. God is like the perfect parent. God is like the father in the prodigal passage, straining his eyes looking out for the longed-for homecoming of his son. God is the one who pours out abundant and amazing grace through Jesus Christ.

I have just read a most thought-provoking blog post from the wonderful Rachel Held-Evans. She is absolutely right about this: while Christians might differ (graciously, one hopes) on all manner of theological issues, the nature of God is not-negotiable. The love of God is not-negotiable. The grace of God is not-negotiable. On some issues, one must draw a line in the sand.

I would be happy to embrace Piper as a Christian brother, even with his views on women in leadership (daft as these may be). But the comments he has articulated (as described in Rachel's post)... well, some things are beyond the pale.

I might just go and bury my head in a pillow and scream for a while... I'm lost for words.


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