On Writing and Witchcraft

Last week I had two friends independently tell me I should be writing more. I've had the impression this just might be a Divine hint.

In reality, I write all the time! Emails, Facebook, messages, reports, articles... so I thought I might start recording some of my incidental writing in this severely neglected blog.

My most interesting email today expressed concern about this resource on baptism, because it refers to Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. It claimed this reference was evidence of witchcraft infiltrating Churches of Christ.

How would you respond to such a claim?

This was my reply:

Dear Worried About Witchcraft,

Thanks for expressing your concerns and the respectful tone of your email.

I formerly taught at a Christian school. Once staff there intervened to rescue C.S. Lewis' classic allegory "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" from a group of parents' bonfire purge of all "witchcraft" references from the library.

My personal opinion is that these well-meaning parents falsely confused fantasy (where the struggle between good and evil is personified) with the demonic.

As a teacher, I suggest personification of good and evil through story is a helpful tool for teaching children about morality. Stories shape values in powerful ways.

JRR Tolkein and JK Rowling are both Christians, and their faith influences their fiction.

The majority of people who seek baptism in Churches of Christ are young people, who are familiar with the Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter series.

If reading or watching fantasty is unhelpful to your faith or against your conscience, please avoid it. I have no desire to be a stumbling block to anyone's faith and obedience.

Churches of Christ are encouraged to have theological discussions within local churches. This email is my opinion not an official position of Churches of Christ.

Many blessings on you as you seek to follow Jesus faithfully,

Janet Woodlock

What else should I have said? What would you have written?


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