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I have been studying four-wheel drive vehicles over the past couple of days. I know... this is an embarrassingly superficial pastime and I don't think I can even explain it. Beyond noting my interest was captured recently by the silent irony of an ENORMOUS vehicle bearing a "Time to Act on Climate Change is NOW" sticker.


I should explain that although my sons attend two different schools, both of their schools are near to elite (translation: high fee) private schools. I have decided that looming environmental catastrophe triggered by the greenhouse effect is not a high priority of the private school populace, judging by the proportion of large four-wheel drive vehicles in the vicinity. These vehicles generally lack all the ugly accruements of serious masculine four wheel drives: bull bars, roof racks, large aerials for the CB radio or satellite phone, rear trays, floodlights, ladders atop, authentic splatters of mud and even tow bars are not to be found on these sleek machines. (I am personally pleased about the lack of bull bars, given that the only large creature likely to come within collision range of these shiny vehicles is the pedestrian).


These vehicles seem to have a limited colour range: white, various shades of grey, metallic beige, dark blue, maroon, metallic deep green, or black. What has captured my attention over the past couple of days is the large numbers of blonde women possessing black four-wheel drive vehicles.


I have developed a mad hypothesis about this. I think it's about colour coordination: the dark vehicle creates an aesthetically pleasing tonal contrast to the light hair. It's the ultimate fashion accessory.


So my questions of the day are:


  • Are my observations actually true? Can my sisters out there conduct some independent statistical research for me on hair colour and car colour?


  • Is colour an important factor for women when they choose a car? If so, is this about fashion coordination ("The car is in MY colour") or is it simply a tool to assist in finding the car again in the shopping centre car park? 


Rebecca said…
If I had the money to buy a new car, colour would be important to me - I know nothing about cars, but I know what colours I like!!

That said, I don't like your reference to "masculine" cars...even if we had the money to buy such a car, we'd have to resolve the question of whether to buy something sporty (my husband's preference) or a 4WD with all those extras (my preference...I'm a country girl, who likes her bushwalking, camping etc - I'd love a 4WD, and it would actually get USED for 4WDing!)
Janet Woodlock said…
It's a very naughty stereotypical post in so many ways... I had fun writing it but it was a guilty pleasure.
Janet Woodlock said…
If you did have the hypothetical money to buy a hypothetical car the probable primary carer of your hypothetical future children would find it pretty difficult to fit a quality pram into the tiny boot of his hypothetically preferred style of vehicle.

People with children buy "family cars" and 4wd's not because the males of the family give up their fantasy of a sporty convertable... just because reality kicks in!

I like the idea of getting a distinctive coloured car (easy to find in the car park... bright yellow or pink or something) but it's hard to imagine I'll ever buy a new car where one gets a simple choice in the matter!

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