Welcome to Secret Women's Space

In response to a lot of feedback we've recieved we've created a forum to discuss issues relevant to Christian women; issues about life, friends, family, hormones, leadership, work stuff, church stuff... anything really.I recommend that you use a nickname as your username, in order to protect privacy both of yourself and of the people you might be involved with. For example...you might want to share about how your mother is driving you crazy, or how your best friend is acting weird. You might want to ask for other's thoughts as to how to handle your less than empowering senior pastor, or the dysfunctional eldership in your church. If you have stayed anonymous, these kinds of issues can be discussed without your being slapped with a defamation suit! It's a small world and we want to protect the privacy of others while being able to share fully and openly ourselves. The format of web blogging provides a unique opportunity to really engage in some Secret Women's Business. I look forward to having a conversation with you!
Love Janet


Anonymous said…
Great idea, Janet. I wish you all the best with this!
Janet Woodlock said…
Thank you!

I'm having trouble getting into comments sometimes from my home computer (which admittedly dates from the mid-Cretaceous period in computer terms)... hopefully people will email me if they're having problems. (jwoodlock@churchesofchrist.org.au)
It may be we end up using a different format. Anyway, I'm having fun giving this a go!
revivalist said…
Hi there,

I'm looking forward to seeing what gets talked about on here.

I'll be back!
Anonymous said…
Hi Janet,
What a fantasic idea, I hope other women hear of this forum and we can build community together and engage in meaningful dialogue.
Janet said…
Hello Janet - this is a good idea. Look forward to some good conversations

Janet McKinney
Janet Woodlock said…
Well, how nice to see you here!

I have lots of ideas for things I'd like to write about... but I'm running a Women's Day tomorrow so it will have to wait a bit. If you would like any particular issues discussed just note them in a post or shoot me an email and it might turn into a new thread. You're welcome to write a thread of stimulus material and email it to me, but the system is set up so I'm the only one who can actually start up new threads at the moment.

This will be fun! (and probably serious sometimes) Glad you could pop by.

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