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Most people who work in Christian organisations know a thing or two about tight (or non-existent) budgets. One learns to make do... sneaking down to Community Care to borrow a glue stick, promoting events by email to save on stamps, budgeting events to break even (and praying like mad enough people will register so this can happen.) Etc. etc.

Shocking though this may sound, gentle reader, I have moaned for some years about not having money to develop a website (although only in a terribly gracious, charitable and Christian kind of way, of course!) Well, over the past week my wondrous boss Martin has just whipped one up on his laptop!

He keeps threatening to turn it all pink and girly when I give him cheek, which is most of the time. So if it has a sudden change of hue, you'll know I've pushed the boundaries with Martin just a little bit too far.

So here (drum roll) is "Mark One" of a women's ministry site for Churches of Christ Vic/Tas. Any feedback or comments about this are welcome.


AbiSomeone said…
Very the purple! ;^)
Janet Woodlock said…
An excellent colour indeed!

I think he's quite clever... he's a minister, not a web designer, but it doesn't look too bad...

I'll just have to be nice to him, or he might turn it back to hot pink (the original colour of his first draft!)
Martin said…
Just found this!

Stand by for girlification of the site!

I'm gonna have to get in touch with my fenimine side!


Hey?? Boss?? Boss?? Ha!
Janet Woodlock said…
"Boss?? Ha??"

Tempting as it may be to indulge in some witty reparte on this point, I shall restrain myself hoping to avoid excessive girliness on the site!

I'm a Melbourne girl who tends to wear a lot of black... we like to think this is because it looks sophisticated, although in my case it has the practical purpose of avoiding excessive clothes staining from slopping tea and coffee.

Hence I look at some "girly", excessively "pink" marketing with some disbelief.
Check out this:

I mean, I don't mind girly girls who wear lots of pink... I like them... it's just that most women don't quite fit this stereotype... so why on earth would we swallow the line that "any woman" would love a pink bible with silvery pink page edges and a "HUGS" foil stamp on the cover?

Too girly pink for me. (Even though I've just realised I'm wearing a pink top in my blogger photo!!!! Just for colour contrast with the Blue Lake of Mt Gambier)

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