And now... for the really big theological question

One of the many wonderful things about children is that they pop out fresh. They therefore see the world with new eyes, and ask unexpected questions.

My ten-year-old son was bemoaning the state of the world this morning (OK, he has a melancholy streak, and they've been looking at ecological sustainability, recycling, ethical shopping, child labour, carbon footprint etc. at school. I'm now living with a fully paid up member of the "eco-police").

I assured my son that when Jesus returns he'll make everything right.

"I hope he wears decent clothes this time" was his reply.

Yet again I'm theologically stumped. What would Jesus wear for his return? It seem perfectly reasonable to think that he wouldn't need to wear his 1st century styled robes. Any thoughts on contemporary gear for the second coming?


Amanda Morrice said…
Hi Janet,

I'm so glad you posted this question. It's one of my favourite discussions, right up there with Balrogs wings and Legolas' hair colour.

I think when Jesus returns, he will be absolutely naked. Not even sandals. What about modesty, you ask? I think that because of his overwhelming holiness, we wont be able to look 'there'.

After his arrival, some of the top mens clothing manufacturers will offer him their very best, but he will decline, saying he does not need them. This will inspire all the world's senior leaders to 'dress likewise', much to the amusement of the media.

Jesus return will be awesome! I can't wait!
Janet Woodlock said…
It's an interesting thought... I'm wondering about the significance of not marrying in heaven, but being like the angels. (You know when Jesus answered the Sadducees who enquired about a woman who married 7 brothers... can't be bothered looking up where this is from exactly) Could it be that resurrection bodies don't require... ahem... certain parts?

Just an update from the Fair Trade, Carbon Footprint, Food Miles and Ecological Sustainability Gestapo... my son has conceeded that we may as well finish off the half-empty Milo tin before we revert to more ethical brands (apparently Nestle are using child labour in harvesting cocoa so we have to find more ethical brands of drinking chocolate.)

Boycott and write folks... it is a pretty awful situation as my son describes it...
Amanda Morrice said…
"Could it be that resurrection bodies don't require... ahem... certain parts?" Yes, I think you are right of course, Janet.

This affirms my belief, that in all likelyhood, Jesus will be nude when he appears. ;-) (I must admit that it is an argument that I don't take alltogether seriously,I mean, will it really matter what He is wearing, if anything?)

Nestle uses child labour? That's the last tin of Milo for me too!
Jo Jarlett said…
I think that Jesus will come back in the same way he went out.
Acts 1: 9 & 11
"After he said this, he was taken up before their very eyes, and a cloud hid him from their sight...."This same jesus, who has been taken from you into heaven, will come back in the same way you have seen him go into heaven".
Anyway, his return will be awesome!
Janet Woodlock said…
Ah ha... but does coming back in the same way mean he will be wearing the same clothes?

I can't really see a carpenter from Galilee wearing Gucci, even in his kingly glorified state...

Anyway, welcome to Secret Women's Business commenting Jo... I noticed the other day this site is on the BUV women's website. I'd better work out how to give you the right to post articles!!!!

A few posts ago ("To ordain, or not to ordain") I linked to a site you might also like to look at Jo... Neo-baptist(

I thought I'd better do some background checks on Nestle etc. (my son said Cadbury's was OK and Nestle isn't)... but Google produces a blurry picture... and the Stop the Traffik website names obscure brands I've never seen as the only Fair Trade, guaranteed child labour free etc.

Anyone out there researched this a bit more? I'm a bit reluctant to get too far up on my high horse before I know all the facts.
Anonymous said…
That is not even a REAL question?

Real questions confront you with the uncomfortable unsettling truth as to what and who you are, now, and in each moment.

What if Jesus as The Divine Conscious Light never left in the first place, or put in another way, was and is always here in the present (now, now and now) all of the time---except that nobody ever noticed.

Especially as they (christians) were busily slaughtering all the "savages" and "heathens", and stealing all of their lands and resources.

And waging both of the world wars too.

And what if Saint Jesus of Galilee was executed with the connivance of the then ecclesiastical establishment because His message and lived Demonstration was completely unacceptable to them (and everyone else too), and a threat to their worldly power.

I know you are not a catholic, but do you really think that Jesus, or any other Radiantly Alive Saint, would be welcome, or even recognized at the Vatican?

Or at the principal seat of administrative/ecclesiastical power of any Christian denomination anywhere in the world.

Or even at your local church?

Plus there are far more dark or brown skinned (Indian and African), and "yellow" skinned peoples of Chinese or Asiatic origin in the world, than there are of us whities---so what coloured skin would Jesus have?

Maybe Jesus would re-appear in the form of a woman too?

As a huge joke or deliberate insult to all of the patriarchal pooh-bars that now rule the world---and always did.

And what is really so special about Christianity any how. Two thirds of the world's population are NOT Christian. So of what relevance is "Jesus" to them?

And to pretend or presume that "Jesus" is in any way relevant to them is just an expression of your own unexamined arrogant culturally imposed presumptuous.

The same arrogance, and presumptuous that providing the "religious" justifications for Western ("christian") imperialism.

Onward "christian" soldiers marching into imperial wars of slaughter and plunder, with the cross of "jesus" marching on before--in truth and reality it WAS repeating rifles, cannons, and MAXIM guns. And later superior weaponry of all kinds, especially air power.

SHOCK & AWE anyone!
Janet Woodlock said…
"Do you really think that Jesus, or any other Radiantly Alive Saint, would be welcome, or even recognized at the Vatican?"

Now THAT is an excellent question. Love it! Actually one of my mates (Al Hirsch) has recently written a book (ReJesus) that outlines his answer to the question far more elegantly than I could. Which is, of course, is that the Vatican is about the last place the radical carpenter from Galilee would be at home... far more likely he'd be with the poor and the outcasts as he did on his first appearance. Personally, I think his response to the Vatican might be tears... or perhaps to pick up a whip (not without precedent).

One of the saddest things about "Churchianity" is how far it has shifted from the priorities of its Founder.

Another rip-snorter issue is whether Jesus is relevant to people of different faiths (He is a blessed prophet in Islam of course... but I assume you mean to the slight minority who are neither Christian nor Islamic).

Well, of course I don't assume they believe Jesus is relevant. They may not know a thing about Jesus, and what little they do know might be wrong.

Do I personally believe the real Jesus is relevant (not the cultural "wrapping" of Christianity)? Well of course... or I wouldn't be a Christian! Nor would I expect a Buddhist to think Buddhism was irrelevant, or a Muslim to think Islam was irrelevant. Being tolerant doesn't mean not having personal convictions... it does mean you share them with gentleness and respect, and have enough humility to know you have much to learn from others.

Even some atheists believe there's hope for the world in Jesus...

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts... well put, love it!

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