More on women in ministry

I have spent a bit of time in the blogosphere of late reading (and commenting upon) articles about women's ministry. (Not like me I know... ha ha!)

Those of you who can't bear to wait for the CBE conference next year, and who would like to engage in some biblical discussions around this issue, might want to look at:

Peggy Brown's article at "The Next Wave"

and Peggy's reflections on the "women must keep silent" passage in Corinthians

and How Junia became a male, then became a woman again

and my earlier post about headship, etc.

(Thanks to Matt Stone who has inspired me to use "blogger help" to learn about some of the zillion things I don't know about blogging. Let's just see if the links actually work...)


AbiSomeone said…
Thanks for your encouragement, Janet. And your article arrived in the mail yesterday! I'll have to have more brain cells firing before I attempt to read it ... to many multi-syllabic words! ;^)

All the links appear to be good ... woo hoo!
Janet Woodlock said…
Well, the postal service isn't too bad eh?

Technical articles on Greek grammar aren't exactly a fun read, so I can see why you'd need to be in the right frame of mind.

Only 1 week til my Greek exam, then I'm pretty sure I'll forget how to parse a noun, decline an irregular verb, etc. Not my life passion for sure! But I've certainly got some idea of why there are so many different English translations... word-for-word translations make very little sense!
espanola said…
Hi Janet, you do cover a huge range of topics - well done...
Here is a link to Jimmy Carter's recent article in The Age:
but if that doesn't work (it's a link Rowland put up on facebook) try the Age which is the source:
Now there are the usual comments coming out based on a literalist translation of Genesis and other texts, which have been posted on Rowland's facebook page. Some of them cover the sorts of points you have made before.
Many blessings.

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